Family Freeze Dry is different than any freeze dry company around.  How, you ask? 

At Family Freeze Dry we don’t purchase food in bulk and dry it to sell to you at high prices.  There are many companies out there that will package and sell their freeze-dried foods to you at high cost.  Sure, we have options available to sell you our own product, but ultimately, we want to save you money on your food storage.

So why should you use Family Freeze Dry? Well, there are several reasons to use your own food instead of buying pre-frozen. Here are a few:

Do you have a favorite recipe you like to prepare for your family? Do you like to gift food storage to your family? Do you have frozen food or left overs that might soon go to waste?

Do you have a want or need to build food storage for emergencies for you and your family? Do you LOVE freeze dried ice cream, candies, or fruits? Are you looking for a healthy snack that will last a long time?

Do you want freeze dried food without the expense of purchasing freeze dried foods?

At Family Freeze dry we will provide you the service of freeze drying your meals to eat anytime, on-the-go, or finally build the adequate food storage you and your family have wanted in case of emergencies.

Most foods (with the exception of “sticky foods” like jellies) can be freeze dried and stored for up to 30 years!

How does it work?

1   Simply choose whatever foods you would like freeze dried and place them in either a quart or gallon sized food storage bag. We will freeze dry the chicken you purchased last summer and have never taken the time to cook, fruits or vegetables from your garden that you couldn’t give away, or your favorite Sunday night dinner recipe that has left over servings.  We charge by the size of the package you send us; the more you send us, the more you save (see our product pricing page for prices).  Please ensure that your product is cut no more than 1” thick (any foods thicker than 1” are subject to a small convenience fee).

2   Schedule a pickup date for your foods and one of our certified food handlers will come pick it up from you. Due to COVID-19, we can get it from you directly, or pick it up off your doorstep, but it MUST be frozen when we pick it up to ensure freshness so it is ready for us to freeze dry!

3  As soon as your foods are freeze dried, we will package your food, seal it, and have it shipped back directly to your home. This can be done easily because once food is freeze dried, it does NOT need to be refrigerated or frozen any longer and the food quality will not be sacrificed during shipping.

This easy process ensures the quality of your food is safe, and you can have food storage for you and your family at a lower cost to you.  It’s also a great way to build food storage that you know you’ll love.