What is the freeze drying process?

Freeze drying is an incredible process that removes all the moisture from the food to keep it safe and nutritious to eat for up to 30 years. Freeze drying is done in three separate steps. The freezing phase, the sublimation phase, and the desorption phase.

Here is a quick look at each of the phases:

The Freezing Phase: Just as it sounds, in this phase, the food is rapidly frozen between -30 and -50 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be done with raw or cooked foods since the process will take out all the moisture that allows for bacteria growth.

The Sublimation Phase: After the food has been frozen, the freeze dryer creates a vacuum and removes all of the air pressure from the chamber. The temperature is also increased. The combination of these work to turn any ice moisture into vapor and absorb it into the vacuum.

The Desorption Phase: This is the last part of the freeze-drying phase. The temperature continues to increase as the last of the water vapor from the food has evaporated, leaving it completely moisture free.

The entire freeze-drying process can take 20-40 hours depending on the thickness and type of food. Once the process is complete, we will place the food in a completely sealed Mylar bag with an oxygen packet to keep the food fresh until you are ready to open it.

Once you have your freeze-dried food, you don’t need to store it anywhere special. You can simply put it in your pantry, cold storage, or wherever else you would want to keep your food storage. It doesn’t need to be kept at a specific temperature or away from light.

How do you eat freeze-dried food?

The fascinating part of freeze-dried food is all the different ways you can prepare it. You can eat it dry, re-hydrate it, or add it to another meal to create something incredible. Have freeze dried ice cream? It is delicious eating it just as it is! Have some freeze-dried ground beef? Try making tacos and adding water just as you normally would! Berries are great stored in mason jars for a quick and easy snack. You can even turn them into a powder and mix in with milk shakes or yogurt.